This network is a living library of empowering, cultural identity-affirming, earth-conscious, educational, and social information.  

This site curates original and reposted articles regarding traditional knowledge and other realms of the 21st century experiences of the Indigenous cultures of Turtle Island, with specific focus on the greater so-called U.S./Mexico borderlands.

This project aims to serve as a catalyst for further analysis, discussion and re-membering of traditional life ways.

The Digital Flecha network is created and curated by Xica Media and is a proud member of the Xica Media family of networks. We also proudly feature original music via our sister network, Yacatsol Records.

Guiding Visions

This space was originally born out of a dream had by creator/curator Iris Rodriguez in 2015. Since then, it has grown exponentially and continues to serve as a tool to decolonize and connect communities across physical borders and linguistic divides.

The goal of this site is to divest from things that harm people and Earth, inspire direct action towards a just transition, decolonize, return to our traditional lifeways, and rematriate with the land as we weave our communities back together after many generations of violence and trauma. This site carves a digital space in the world wide web where we can share our stories in our words and on our terms onto a digital codex that can never be burned.

We as survivors of genocide in the present day so-called US Mexico borderlands have been called by many names. Our lands have been called by many names. Yet, we still remain. And this is a space where we share our stories in our voices.

We walk with thousands of years of storytelling practices as well as relationship with the land. These practices are in our DNA and they represent conversations with each other Nature that 500 years of colonization cannot erase. Our digitalized generation represents one more thread in that conversation and we share a responsibility to care for the digital fireplace by creating community online and bringing our perspectives and lifeways into the digital form. 

If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

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