Calling Warriors to the Somi Se’k frontline encampment on US/Mexico border

Via the Somi Se’k Village FB page

The Somi Se’k Village is on Carrizo tribal land outside of Floresville, TX. It is the base camp for actions in solidarity w/ the Carrizo Comecrudo tribe and their land, Somi Se’k.

Under the leadership of the Esto’k Gna (Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas), the Somi Se’k Village Base Camp’s mission is to populate and support a network of front Line Encampments (Wolf Pack) villages along the so called Mexican-American border, protecting indigenous sacred sites, resisting construction of the LNG (fracked gas) terminal, accompanying pipelines, and educating people about the environmental devastation the Border Wall will cause. We fight to stop the senseless endangerment of people, animals, and the environment.
The first encampment that our Base Camp will support will be the Yalui village, near the Mexican-American border. The village will exist on both sides of the wall. From there, we will rebuild more Esto’k villages, from which we will protect, aid, and bear witness along the so called Texas-Mexico border.
The Somi Se’k Village Base Camp will support and train activists to populate these villages. We operate with the understanding that the issues arising around the border– the right to migrate, destruction of the environment and indigenous sacred sites, and the inhumane incarceration of migrant children– are intersectional and are symptoms of centuries-long control and oppression by colonizers.
We are Natives and non-Natives, Water Protectors, military veterans, students, community organizers, other collectives, and working people. Working under the leadership of indigenous communities, we are people of all races, genders, ethnicities, political and spiritual backgrounds, and ages. We recognize our co-dependence and understand that we are one people.
We are dedicated to non-violent and prayerful action and resistance.
Nana Pele’x – Gracias – Thank You


Calls are out for people interested in peaceful front line action. The Carrizo/Comecrudo tribe of Texas and their allies will soon depart for the line Mr. Trump plans to build his wall. We will witness and protect.

We currently have ten walkie talkies for security purposes. Twenty more were ordered this morning for our expanding security team.

Please help meet this need. Each unit costs about $10.00…


Via Somi Se’k Village Base Camp
January 18 at 9:48 AM

Thank you for all who are answering our call for solidarity and to help restore our Villages on our traditional ancestral lands and protect our sacred sites. We also need boots on the ground building our Villages and fundraising for much needed supplies. Sign up for a work day to work on necessary projects to build our villages or sign up for events (fundraising or action) with us. Please consider planning a trip to help us rebuild our Villages. We need you!! This is very important to our mission as a Tribe. Fill out the forms at the links below and we’ll talk soon. Donate and support our Somi Se’k Village. Nana Pele’x! Thank you! 🖤

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