Decolonize daily: Know your “here and now” with the Agenda Totonaltzin

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The Agenda and Manual Totonaltzin 2017 (Spanish) is a functional daily planner with plenty of room for notes and contact information.  Detailed descriptions of the corresponding daily numerals, year signs, day signs, trecenas, months (meztli), and other critical information are included.

This count is based on that of Maestro Arturo Meza with additional detail by Maestro Tlacatzin Stivalet.

The Agenda y Manual Totonaltzin 2017 is perfect for those seeking to decolonize as well as for danzantes and ceremony peoples.  The Mexica new year begins on March 11, 2017.

At this time the text is available in Spanish only.  Book dimensions: 7.25″ x 4.75″



Price: $25 + international shipping ($7.50) = $32.50

Delivery within 21 days

The Agenda is produced by Identidad de Anahuac.

The text was written by Dr. Ma del Rosario Gonzalez Lopez (Ollin Yollotzin)
Dra. en Psicologia Clinica y Psicoterapia, UNAM
Maestria en Desarrollo Humano, ITESO
Especialista en Terapia Sistemica y Programacion Neurolinguistica e Hipnosis, IPSO
Diplomade en Derecho Indigena de Anahua, UAEM
Consultorio Clinico en Psicoterapia Individual y Grupal
Capacitacion y Desarrollo Humano



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