In honor of Jefe Manolo

In honor of

Jefe Manolo Sanchez

In loving memory of Manolo Sanchez (July 20, 1958- July 30, 2020)

Click the image to the right for more information on the Memorial Service for Manolo Sanchez FB page.

Donations to his family are being accepted via the Zelle app and sent to: 210-618-8189.

On behalf of the Xica Media family, we lift our voices up in prayer for Jefe Manolo Sanchez as he voyages to Mictlan. We lift our voices in prayer for his family Lulu, Nana Yvette and their children. Jefe Manolo was a deeply respectful/respected elder in our community who opened the door for generations of our Xicanx detribalized peoples to return to their ancestral danzas and life ways. May his spirit soar like an eagle as he gathers with his ancestors. Nikan ka Jefe Manolo! You are missed all across this continent!!!

Manolo Sanchez

July 20, 1958 – July 30, 2020

A touching tribute by Laura Rios Ramirez of Kalpulli Ayolopaktzin.

Video by Monita Lynn Baker of Jefe Manolo at Conroe, Texas with Danza Chikawa.

By Laura Varela (Varela Film / Xica Media). Featuring Jefe Manolo at the Ayoyotes on the Ground solidarity danza at the Alamo during Standing Rock.

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