One Land One People / Una Tierra Un Pueblo

We recently had the honor of connecting with renown indigenous artist, Isaac Murdoch (Bomgiizhik), creator of thunderbird woman and part of the Onaman Collective.

He and other Latinx and indigenous community recently created the One Land One People art movement in support of the relatives from Central America that are migrating north and encountering systemic government violence along the way.

We sat down with Isaac to discuss the project, which has sent banners and powerful images of unity and support to the border and which features images and quotes of unity and resistance from indigenous peoples and land/community defenders from across the north.

1. What is your name? Where are you at/from? How do you identify?

Isaac Murdoch (Bomgiizhik) from Nimkii Aazhibikoong and Ojibwe community on the North Shore of Lake Huron, Ontario.

2. What was the vision/inspiration behind the Eagle and Condor project?

The vision behind the Eagle/Condor project was to create a positive message to indigenous ppl regarding migration, and uniting. It is rooted in the Eagle and Condor Prophecy. One of our main objectives is to show solidarity to our relatives who are stuck at the United States border.

3. Why is indigenous unity across the continents important?

Indigenous unity across the Americas are really important because we need to save the planet from further environmental destruction. Time is running out. Indigenous people have knowledge which can help when delivered in unity.

4. What is the importance of art in these times and within this context of the Eagle/Condor?

Art is important because it can help collective humanity change their ideas, belief and value systems, and how they act and think regarding our precious world, and with each other. Art always has the last word.

5. How can folks support this project?

People can support the project by doing their part by sharing messages of hope, unity, and change for the next generations. They can get involved by creating art and good vibes for the world.


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