Oral History Resources from the Texas Freedom Colonies Project

Via the Texas Freedom Colonies Project

What is the Texas Freedom Colonies Project? 

The Texas Freedom Colonies Project puts freedom colonies on the map, on policy agendas, and at the center of Texas history. Our goal is to prevent the erasure, destruction, and decay of cultural properties within settlements in partnership with descendant communities. Cultural properties include home/farmsteads, churches, and schools. The Texas Freedom Colonies Project is an educational, social justice initiative dedicated to preserving the heritage of Texas’ historic African American settlements, and the planners and preservationists that made them possible. We are researchers who map disappearing places and co-create resilience strategies with endangered communities. 

Since 2014, The Texas Freedom Colonies Project has been an evolving, statewide social justice initiative, that celebrates, researches, & documents historic Black settlements’ landscapes, heritage, & grassroots planning & preservation practice. 

LEARN MORE AT: https://www.thetexasfreedomcoloniesproject.com/

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