Take Action: Rebury the Ancestors

Via the Indigenous Cultures Institute

We’re asking your help to email the U.T. Austin President Jay Hartzell and ask him to return three remains of our ancestors so that we can rebury them in our Reburial Grounds in San Marcos, Texas. Here is information on this issue, which was published by the international media source Indian Country Today.

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Dear President Hartzell,
I support the Miakan-Garza Band of the Coahuiltecan people, who are requesting that three of their ancestors be returned to their tribe for reburial. It is wrong for U.T. to store their ancestors in cardboard boxes on shelves in a warehouse. These ancestors must be reburied amd this Native American tribe of Texas is willing to accept this sacred responsibility.
Thank you so very much for helping us to rebury our ancestors,
Mario Garza, Ph.D.

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